Youpal Group is focused on making the products that are relevant both today and tomorrow. Our endeavour is to design the best digital infrastructure roadmap solutions. As we see it, the sky is the limit. And for that, we build upon a cloud.

Youpal Group builds, owns and invests in the foundation of a variety of companies. The industries in which in operate include med-tech, ed-tech and a plethora of other services and solutions. We own a cloud, we dream upon this cloud and build upon it continuously.

Companies & Solutions


Youpal Group

Youpal Group owns multiple companies operating in different sectors. Select a company to learn more about it. Stay tuned, as our roadmap is in constant evolution!

Our Clients

Our main story began back in 2016 when the company was founded by Karl Leahlander and Ruben Teijeiro. The pair was later joined by James Baker-Duly. It all began with an idea, which then turned into the goal, which then transformed into the company. We’ve since grown into a team of people who are involved in the digital infrastructure change enabling process.

What people say about us

"I am because You are" and what You Think, is very important to Us

“Working at Youpal Group is much more than just a job I go to everyday. My coworkers inspire and motivate me daily.”
Jessica Landin
Executive Assistant to CEO
Sweden / Europe
“At Youpal, I travel to different countries through each virtual meeting. And travel is what I love most!”
Arabella Seebaluck
Marketing Communications Lead
India / Asia
“In my free time, I like to be upside down! Youpal lets me do that, plus so much more!”
Sally Ragab
Project Warrior
Egypt / Africa
“The things we can do with a large enough dataset is truly amazing and really inspires my imagination of how the world will look in just 5 years. This is what YouPal allows me to do, work with a lot of data and stay inspired!”
Apostolis Argatzopoulos (Tolis)
Youdata Team Lead
Greece / Europe
“Youpal means hours of creativity and innovation… the power to introduce new ideas and unleash the potential of people and products.”
Herson Bugante
IT Service Manager
Philippines / Oceania


Did you know that 90% of existing data, has been created in the past three years alone? According to research, massive centers have been developed by industry giants like Google, Facebook, and some more, that contribute the most to the extremely overwhelming volume of data produced.

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